1115 SE Third Street, Corvallis OR 97339                                                                                          541-754-6958     

Dear FireWorks Friends, Family & Faithful Fans,

With deep gratitude and heavy hearts, we announce the closure of our restaurant, FireWorks Pub & Pizza. Twenty years is a great run for a family mom & pop shop, and we’ve enjoyed serving the community of Corvallis. We are awash with waves of nostalgia, memories of all the wonderful folks who have dined with us, celebrated weddings, births, deaths, retirements and new vistas. As owners and operators, we’ve experienced the joys and hardships of restaurant life. We will be forever grateful for your support and patronage over all these years.

In love and gratitude,

Ocean and Intaba Liff-Anderson, Proprietors
FireWorks Pub & Pizza, aka Intaba’s Kitchen


Please enjoy these videos from our last hurrah, the “FireWorks Farewell”, a grand bon voyage party which featured over 30 performers from our past Open Mic nights.

FireWorks FORMER MENU (f
or reference only):